Jolly good show!

Met Wapenstilstand in gedachten, werden de leerlingen van 5 ASO op 6 november in de Sila Bovenschool vergast (no pun intended) op “Meaning in the Mud”, een interactieve workshop over war poetry tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Het Britse theatergezelschap Big Wheel orkestreerde met veel bravoure het evenement. Daarna bracht het tweekoppige gezelschap voor de leerlingen van 5AI, 5IW, 5S en 5OMC nog een workshop over hoe je boeken kritisch kunt leren lezen. Het applaus dat ze telkens kregen, was gemeend.

Dit vonden de leerlingen ervan:

‘I found it a very funny show. I think it’s the best way to learn a language, because the actors were native speakers. I liked the interaction with the audience, it made it funny. It was very useful, even though they used (maybe) too many poems.’

‘I thought it was enjoyable, some jokes were funny and the actors did a good job in well …acting. I also liked the interaction, you didn’t just have to sit there and watch the play for two hours. The language was very British, you could hear they were from England and that is by far my favourite English accent. Overall, I had a good time watching the show and it didn’t feel like just a way to miss two hours of school 😊’

‘I really enjoyed it, especially the way they explained everything and at the same time were acting. They gave us a good idea of what life was like during World War I and what the consequences were. I also liked how they included the audience in their play. One thing I disliked was that one of the two actors was walking behind the audience while the other one played his part. The background music was sometimes a bit too loud, so you couldn’t always hear everything clearly. It was a very enjoyable morning, a good start of the day.’

‘When the play began, I had no idea what was going on. Later, when they said it was a poem that they started with, I got it. I think this was a very nice play. I liked listening to the actors and I really understood what they were saying. I also liked the interactions, it was very funny and because of that you had to stay focused. It was also very useful that we already discussed the poems in class, because then it all made sense during the play. I think it was a good, interesting and very nice play. ‘

‘I liked the way the actors performed, they brought the poems with a lot of passion and besides that there was a lot of participation from the audience. They made a difficult subject a bit lighter. I learned how poetry changed during World War I. They also told us about the destructions and horror that the war brought to English villages. I think it’s important that schools schedule these plays, so you can never forget what happened.’

Students of 5TWE-5LW-5EW-5LWE