“Meaning in the Mud”

De leerlingen van 5DO+ 5TCW en 6 OMC genoten in de studiezaal van de “Meaning in the Mud” van The Big Wheel Theatre Company. Dit alles kadert in de lessen Engels. Het thema is ‘The Great War’.

De leerlingen van 5MTA schreven een ‘comment’
in de les later op de dag. Geniet mee:

Meaning in the Mud
(The Big Wheel Theatre Company – November 9)

I really enjoyed the show ‘Meaning in the Mud’. The actor , Roland, did a great job. You can see the passion and work he puts in those shows and it is really fun to look at.

We laughed a lot too, because he always puts the perfect amount of humour into his shows. Because of the show you get to know much more about the First World War, which makes it very interesting.

He also mentioned new topics about WW1 that we had not yet covered in the English lessons. In general, I found it very interesting and this way we learn more in a fun and interactive way.

‘Meaning in the Mud
(Big Wheel Theatre company- November 9 – Westerlo)

Meaning in the mud is an interesting show, played by the actor Roland. He has a good humour and plays very expressively. He tries to get everyone’s attention and also to speak a little bit of Dutch. Sometimes he asks you to play a scene in the show and tells you what you have to do.

The show is based on WW1 and gives you a good view on it. The language that is spoken is English, because the actor is British. So sometimes it is a little hard to follow, but if you try it, you can.

The play is sometimes a bit serious so that you can have a good impression of what it was like in the war. There are also some attributes that were shown of the war itself. They are not fake.

The link with our English lessons is good. If I did not have the lessons first, then it would  have been a little bit harder to follow. Some words that were used, were words I had not heard of before the lessons. The actor, however, also explains some difficult words and expressions in his show.

So I think that it is a good show. Not too serious so that it can be fun to watch it, but also very educational.

Meaning in the mud
(Big Wheel Theatre company)

Meaning in the mud is a show about WW1 and about poems from around that time. I think that it is a very important topic, because we should not forget that all of this happened.

The actor, Roland, was good at keeping my attention even during the less interesting parts When he was reciting the poems, he really got into his role. The interaction was also very fun, because it made you feel like you were really part of the story instead of being a spectator. His Irish accent and humour made it nice to listen to him, even though he stuttered sometimes or his sentences were not always very structured.

The setting is something I liked, because you were able to see everything that happened and he was able to look at everyone. The little props from the soldiers and the things he kept from his great uncle, were very interesting to me because it is not something you come across every day.

 Meaning in de Mud
Big Wheel Theatre Company

On November 9 we watched the show ‘Meaning in the Mud’ from the Big Wheel Theatre Company. Before the show started, Roland the actor, was already empathizing with his role. He played a soldier and talked about life in the First World War. There were sound effects and a table full of props. What I really liked, was that some of these items actually dated from the war. This makes you realize that all this was once reality. Roland told everything with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. The interactions he had with us, the audience, were fantastic. We laughed a lot, but at the same time we also learned a lot. This show made me look more closely at the situation of war. We learned about propaganda, the equipment of a soldier and much more. The humour that the actor uses is really good. He tries to refer to Dutch words and that is really funny. He also uses swear words, which also fits more with youth language. Overall the show was really great. You learn a lot of things, but in a fun and interactive way.